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This platform is a compilation of shariah question answers that was issued by LZS Internal Shariah Secretariat to provide various answer raised by various quarters to the Internal Shariah Secretariat team.

The answers provided by this Secretariat are based on the LZS Shariah Rulings (compilation of decisions of the State Fatwa Committee and the LZS Shariah Advisory Committee) or the existence of specific arguments (صريح) from the Quran and As Sunnah on zakat.

Any shariah question which has no answer in the above 4 sources will be extended to the LZS Shariah Advisory Committee to obtain the shariah ruling shariah ruling in accordance to LZS Authority Manual.

This platform intends to be references for society and LZS personnels.

Issue of Property Zakat on Inheritance

Isu Zakat Harta Ke Atas Harta Pusaka
Question: Mr. Abu died and he left many property (surpassing nisab). During his lifetime, he never abandoned zakat obligations. In other words, no zakat arrears on him. So, is it still necessary:To pay zakat before passing the inheritance to heirObligatory to zakat on beneficiaries...

Zakat Law on Giving Zakat to Step-Child

Hukum Beri Zakat Kepada Anak Tiri
Question: Is a step-child studying at a university is including under compulsory obligations to his stepfather and can zakah be given to him?Answer: Based on the opinion of Mazhab Syafi’i, the obligation for zakat occurs for three reasons, either because of the family (al-Qarabah),...

Are Home Sales Obligatory To Pay Zakat?

Adakah hasil jualan rumah wajib dizakatkan
Question: My father sold the house for RM400,000. Sales revenue is divided into two parts. Father RM200,000. RM200,000 mother. The RM200,000 money the father get used to buy an inheritance house in the village he inherited along with other siblings. The house is now...

Zakat Law on Conventional Insurance Dividend

hukum ke atas pendapatan atau dividen yang diperolehi daripada insurans konvensional
Question: What is the legal status of income or dividends derived from conventional insurance?Answer: Income or dividends earned from conventional insurance is not halal and cannot be used for any expenses and is NOT required to be paid zakat. This is because conventional insurance...

Paddy Zakat Calculation

Bagaimanakah mengira zakat padi mengikut fatwa terkini?
Question: How to calculate paddy zakat according to the latest fatwa?Answer : The Selangor Fatwa Committee (number 6/2017) has approved the method of calculating paddy zakat:Paddy Zakat = 5% X net sales of rice (which reaches paddy nisab)Paddy Nisab is 1.306 tonnes.Current Rice Sale...
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