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How To Apply Zakat?

You must complete the Zakat Aid Application Form. Application form can be obtained below.

The completed Application Form must be submitted at the LZS Counter located near you. Each application will go through a specific procedure. Here is the Zakat Application Flow Chart Process.

Zakat Application Flow Chart Process

Guide to Fill the Zakat Form

List of Zakat Aid

Among the list of help often asked by asnaf :

  • Medical Assistance - Poor Faqr
  • Home Rental Aid - Poor Faqr
  • Agency and Association Aid - Fisabilillah
  • Application of Islamic Values Assistance - Fisabilillah
  • School Fee Aid - Poor Fakir
  • Financial Aid for Debts - Gharimin
  • Monthly Financial Aid - Poor Faqr
  • Monthly Food Assistance - Poor Fakir
  • Building & Home Improvement Help - Poor Faqr

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