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E-Zakat Pay is an online zakat payment method at

It is an online financial transaction platform that links between banks to make zakat payment to the Lembaga Zakat Selangor (MAIS).

Banks that can make payments through e-Zakat Pay

Payments via this method are open to payers who have Savings or Current Accounts with appointed Agent and register as users of the internet banking facility.

How transactions is made?

For zakat payment, the payer only need to visit the e-zakat portal at and click on the E-Zakat Pay payment to pay zakat.

First, the payer must have an account at the participating bank before proceeding with the payment. Follow the steps given, and payment of zakat has been made.

No registration and payment needed for using e-Zakat Pay

To use this method to pay zakat, payers does not need to register or pay fee. The payer only need to have a bank account, ID and password to make online payment at the preferred bank.

No additional charges apply

No, the payer is not charged any additional charge if zakat is paid using this method, but there is a minimum limit of RM 10 for each payment by this method

No app installs for zakat payments

Users do not need to install any kind of hardware to use this system. However, the MEPS will provide Merchant (Lembaga Zakat Selangor) with a "Seller Plug-in " which is a security software that will be placed on the LZS (MAIS) portal to ensure the safety of payments.

It's A Safe Process

The entire transaction is encrypted with 128 Bit SSL

Therefore, all the information sent is safe such as making a payment on the bank's website. Users are also authorized on the internet banking platform for all transactions made.

In addition, all payments will be made in real-time online which is the process of debiting from the payer's bank to the payer’s account is being carried out at that time and the process of issuing a zakat payment receipt will be done within 14 working days.

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