How to pay Zakat

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e-Zakat Pay

It is an online zakat payment method at LZS website

Internet Banking

The payer has a Savings or Current Account

LZS Branches

Zakat payment at the nearby LZS branches

Post Office

Payment of property zakat can also be made via Pos Malaysia counter

Bank Counter

Zakat payment through bank agents appointed by LZS

Credit Card

Alternative channel to zakat payers

Skim Berkat (Salary Deduction)

Zakat payment through salary deductions


Provided by BIMB only via bankislam.SMS facility

Phone Banking

An alternative channel to the payer through Kawanku Phone Banking

ATM Machine

Payers have a Savings or Current Account at a particular bank

Selangor Zakat Agent

Official agents appointed by LZS to collect zakat

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