Fidyah is a fine for a person who can not fasting during Ramadhan year until the coming of Ramadhan next year.

The law of paying fidyah is COMPULSORY. By paying the fidyah does not mean they do not need to replace their fasting because the fasting must be replaced by the number of days one has left.

Fidyah Calculator

* The fidyah count in Selangor is doubled despite skipping years. Just enter the total amount of fasting left.

The rate of fidyah is calculated based on the present rate of rice (the staple food) which is as large as a cup of rice. The rate changes according to the government’s set price. The rice is to be fed to the faqr and miskin and not in the form of cash, clothing and so on.

* Lembaga Zakat Selangor (MAIS) receives fidyah payment only in cash. Beginning in 2012, LZS will charge an additional RM0.05 as wages to distribute fidyah to asnaf.