Rationale on the Formation of LZS (MAIS)

To bear the monumental responsibility as well as improving the image of LZS
in its management of the collection and distribution of Zakat
which has reached more than RM100 million annually.

Vision of LZS (MAIS)

To be the leader of a Zakat institution that instills management practices
that match global standards.

Mission of LZS (MAIS)

To provide services to the Muslim community with complete integrity and professionalism
in the management of the collection and distribution of Zakat.

Nilai Bersama Korporat

Objectives of LZS (MAIS)

  • To Empower The Management of Zakat
  • To Maximize The Collections of Zakat
  • To Enhance The Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Distribution of Zakat

Quality Policy

Lembaga Zakat Selangor is committed to provide continuous and comprehensive quality service in the collection and distribution of zakat based on Syariah laws, thereby fulfilling the requirements and expectations of their customers

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